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[SUF-300VIP] VitaPure Combo Inline Shower Filter with Vitamin C and Sediment Filters, Special Promotion

$69.00 $115.00

VitaPure Compact & Combo Inline Shower Filter

VitaPure® Water Filter & Softener formulated with the dual biotic filtration works to flawlessly remove Rust, Impurity and Chlorine & Chloramines from your shower water.

Love your existing shower head? Just attaching this Inline Vitamin C Shower Filter and Sediment Filter to your existing shower head.


Key Product Features

1. One Body & Dual Filtration
Dual Functional Filtration Works in a Combined Inline System.

2. Natural Complex Bio Filtration with 4 layered Steps
3. Minimal & Universal Design
4. Extremely easy to install : Free from installing complication. Compact Design Easy to Install and Detach, Carry.

5. Compact Size but Amazing Big Benefits : Compact & Handy Filter makes you feel free from worrying over the size.
6. Certificates and Lab Test Reports : Innovative Technologies and Total Production system. High-end and Durable Quality Made of Top Quality Parts



Key Filter Features

SediMax is an economical and middle graded melt-blown typed polypropylene depth cartridge micro filter. SediMax micro filter is nominal-rated for liquid filtration with low pressure drop across the range of 5 to 10 microns with 80% filtration efficiency.

  • Removing Rust & Impurity(5 – 10 Micro Meter filtering )
  • Safe Filtering Item certified and endorsed by NSF
  • Safety without 5 critical heavy metal
  • To Check the consuming Level thru Translucent Case
  • Melt-blown typed polypropylene
  • Filter life is up to 3,000 gallons(10,000 litters) 
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Recyclable Material(PP)

Vitamin Shower FiltrationVitamin C for Pharmaceutical and Food grade formulated by the organic extractive stuffs is the best media to remove in a ray beam speed Chlorine from the tap water and produces the clean and quality water for human.

  • Eliminating Byproducts and Residuals of Chlorine (ReDox)
  • Dispensing System by Propeller (Patented)
  • Natural Vitamin – Bio Polymer (Food grade)
  • To Check the consuming Level thru Translucent Case
  • Filter life is up to 1,500 gallons(5,000 litters) 
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Recyclable Material(ABS)
  • Removing Chlorine to keep Healthy Hair & Skin.

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